Our veterinarians are all experienced general practitioners with a broad knowledge and
understanding of animal health, illness and injury.

We offer expertise in:

  • All types of soft tissue surgery - abdominal, thoracic, mastectomy etc
  • All types of orthopaedic surgery - fractures, dislocations, cruciate surgery etc
  • Aural (ear) surgery
  • Nasal and throat surgery
  • Ocular (eye) surgery
  • Oral (mouth cavity) surgery
  • All neutering (spay, castration) and other routine surgical procedures
  • Dentistry - we have excellent dental facilities
  • Radiography - we have state of the art digital x-ray equipment
  • Ultrasonography - we have a state of the art ultrasound machine
  • We use the safest and most modern anaesthetics
  • We have sophisticated anaesthetic monitoring equipment
  • We have sophisticated blood testing equipment for assessment and monitoring
  • We have ECG
  • We hospitalise and provide intensive care
  • We have Veterinary Nurses and Veterinary Surgeons on duty at night to care for any hospitalised patients

We supply:

  • All aspects of preventative health care
  • Vaccinations and advice
  • Parasite treatment and advice
  • Nutritional advice
  • Official Veterinarians working full time who can advise and help with the Pet Passport scheme and assist any of you emigrating or wishing to travel abroad with your pets (see the section on pet passports).

We have:

  • Total isolation facilities for infections diseases
  • Separate dog and cat wards to avoid stress for our in-patients
  • We house rabbits and other prey species separately
  • Constant monitoring of our in-patients
  • Shoreline kennels and Vetbeds for the comfort of our patients

We are:

  • Feline Advisory Bureau (F.A.B) registered practices
  • Ministry appointed Official Veterinarians regarding export and health certification
  • Used by Cats Protection (CP)
  • Used by the Guide Dogs to treat their animals in the area

We offer:

  • Puppy parties where we supply advice and training regarding bringing up your new puppy. Please ask about this service as it is free and helps make going to the vet a happy experience for your dog. (Places are limited in the sessions so please book with the nurses at the front desk)
  • Advice on pet insurance and will help you by filling in the application forms. We also offer 4 weeks free insurance cover for puppies and kittens at their first consultation with us.

Our nurse clinics offer:

  • Weight monitoring and advice and encouragement regarding weight loss
  • Nail clipping
  • Free dental assessments
  • Advice on all aspects of animal care